Our Gear


Multiple Cinema Grade Video Camera Systems

It’s not the hardware; it’s the person using it. True. However, if you need commercial video shot at a 4K resolution on a 4:2:2 10-bit color space, you need the right camera gear. And if your project needs multiple angles at that spec for let’s say a cooking show on Netflix, you’ll need multiple cameras capable of that so…we do.


Film Industry Standard A/C and Battery Powered Lighting Systems

Lights allow people like us to modify any environment so it looks how we want it to in camera. The more powerful the light the further you can push the modification. Power is control. More light. Better. Battery power? Better still.


Wired and Wireless Monitored Mic Systems

We take sound very seriously. It’s easily half of any video product. That’s why we’re loaded up with all the audio recording bells and whistles. We’ve also built our camera rigs to ensure operators can constantly monitor up to 4 independent wireless input sources as they film. It’s the ideal setup for run and gun projects.



For everyone that has ever had to recite anything to camera from memory ever. You’re welcome. We have several. Single setups for to-camera reads or 3+ linked for studio setups. Oh yeah!


Motorized Sliders

If the thing you’re filming isn’t moving the camera should be. That’s a rule of ours. We have a couple of different motorized video camera sliders to get those shots. Manual operation is available but why risk a shaky hand when the motorized option gives you keyframe specific control over speed and framing? That’s what we thought too! Parallax baby!


Aerial Drones

Licensed and insured aerial drone operation for those moments when only 4K from the air will do.


Gimbals and Steadicam Rigs

For those moments when we need to capture a smooth camera motion while tracking a thing that’s well…in motion too. We use a gimbal to be nimble and the jacket-mounted rigs when we want to look like a robot. Cool.


Real Time Wireless Monitoring

If you have to see what we’re filming in real time we have the hook up! We have wireless video transmitters that mount to our camera rigs and battery powered monitors so you can watch and walk, (and chew gum), if you can. Challenge?


Cinema Style Video Cameras for Live Streaming

Over the years we’ve upgraded through Canon’s entire line of Cinema Cameras. We repurposed some of those early cinema cameras to our Live Streaming setup because, why shouldn’t your live stream look like film?


Boom Mics

Did you ever see a lavalier microphone in a movie? Me neither. That’s because it would ‘break the scene’. If your video requires that we not ‘break the scene’ we’ll boom mic you. Boom!


Set Dressings

For everyone who has ever filmed in a hotel conference room and wished it didn’t look like a hotel conference room. You’re welcome! We have a room full of 3 and 4 panel accordion doors, backdrops, set decoration and practicals to dress up the Bokeh.


Various Mic Solutions

Capturing high quality audio is both art and science. Different environments require different microphones and we have multiples of them all. We have headset style mics for sports commentators, condenser mics for stage and theater productions, slimline headsets for fitness instructors, wireless stick mics for presenters and specialty mics for high end musical recording.